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never give up without a fight

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I got this tattoo last December when I was visiting the states. Thought you guys might appreciate it.

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Lost at Sea

by Terry Fan (via RedBubble)

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why do you think opening your mind through acid is "mindless"?

Asked by jessieminden


Acid “works” because it is the nature of the mind to be open. Mind is already open. That is why all experiences are possible, regardless of whether they are desirable or undesirable, describable or indescribable. 

An open mind is not an experience nor is it a new set of experiences or perspectives. That is actually just another way to “close” your mind, to reject one experience in favor of another. Someone who trips on acid and has an assortment of novel experiences is not necessarily more aware of the open nature of the mind. 

How do you become aware of what is already true, of mind’s open and infinite essence? A guru cannot do it for you. A scripture cannot do it for you. And a chemical certainly cannot do it for you. 

If people want to take acid and explore parts of consciousness or whatever, go for it. Any and every experience can be made useful. But to take acid with the idea that it will somehow do the opening of your mind for you, as if your mind were some locked object and the acid were a key, is simply mindless and lazy. I might even dare call it consumerist.

I’ve met too many people who have taken psychedelics and used those experiences to candy-coat their confusion with trippy philosophy. If you are not making meditation and mindfulness a sober and daily part of life, it is unlikely you will have the intensity and presence of attention to actually make much use of a psychedelic experience, which is why many people wind up taking them more than once or using them as a vacation from status quo consciousness. 

Ultimately there is no outcome. Mind is already open. Taking psychedelics will not make it any more open or closed. At best, they will provide a stark contrast to the lies you have been accepting and telling yourself. At worst, they will add to them. 

I’m aware this is an unpopular opinion among young spiritualists but it needs to be said. 


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Limacina antarctica (Swimming sea snail) by Alexander Semenov

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I went parasailing and this is all you could see for miles. Creeped me the fuck out

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