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there’s still a chance that the reckless silhouette guy from the wii game startup screen will be in the new smash bros   please do not give up hope 

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Bathyteuthis berryi is a deep sea squid that has been spotted carrying a gelatinous membrane full of 360 eggs in their tentacles.

Other squid attach their eggs to the sea floor and leave, never to see them again. Either that or they produce an overwhelmingly huge number of floating eggs and hope a few survive.

For a food-starved squid living far above the ocean floor, neither option is viable, so it’ll have to be the old “carry a big, mucusy net of children” strategy.

This is just the second squid to be seen carrying out any form of parental care, but it may be quite common in the deeps. You just have to be in the right place at the right time to see it!

More in this video by MBARI.

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You Have To Die A Few Time Before You Can Really Live - C. Bukowski

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